Simple Ways to Manage Your Brand Reputation Part 1

Linda Pringle Evans, President and founder of Pringle Business Consulting, shares part 1 of ways to manage your brand reputation for you to stand out and create buzz in your industry. Linda also provides a formula for you to gain leverage within your business and life.
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About Linda Pringle Evans, Brand Consultant:

Linda Pringle EvansLinda Pringle Evans is the president and founder of Pringle Business Consulting, LLC. She is a brand consultant helping women’s entrepreneurs and service based professionals increase their self – worth as they increase their net worth. Linda helps her clients to become recognized as an authority, uncover brand distinction, and implement branding strategies which clearly communicate their unique gifts.
A veteran speaker, Linda has conducted live events trainings to help women to own the stage. She has served as a keynote and motivational speaker, trainer, radio show host, author, coach, and event strategist. In addition, she is the Partnering Director of the Public Speakers Association.
Her passion for helping women is further exemplified by her mentorship for the Women’s Leadership at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. She is a professional advisor for the members of the Women’s Business Center in Columbus, Ohio and was honored as “The Top Shelf Woman” for inspiring women to “Embrace Your DNA”.
Linda Pringle Evans and the team at Pringle Business Consulting, LLC, stand ready to assist you and your business. If you would like a complimentary session of the Stand Out with Brand Distinction program, Email Linda.
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  1. Excellent formula to consider, Linda. My action plus what others say about me equal my brand reputation. I think about both brand and reputation separately. You’ve given me much to think about – no only in business but in life! Many thanks for your wisdom.

  2. Thanks Linda for the great tips on how to manage your brand reputation. The three tips you gave today, in your 2 part series, are so simple, yet so powerful. We know them, but don’t often think about them until it’s too late. These are great reminders and I can’t wait to see part 2!

  3. Great tips, well delivered. That number one is to simple and yet so important. Like Jeanne said, we know them but don’t quite think of them like we should. It is also a good constant reminder for employees who represent your brand and serve as extensions of you. Looking forward to part 2.

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